42 Best Rose Mehndi Motifs for Hands You Will Love

Flowers in mehndi symbolize joy and what better way to reflect your happiness than with a rose, the ultimate symbol of romance.

Although it is widely used on tattoos, it feels like the rose doesn’t appear as often on mehndi. I thought roses were relevantly recent, but I’ve been surprised to discover that fossil evidence shows they’ve been around for 35 million years! They have been a symbol of love but also of war. And I do wonder why their beauty has become so magnetic for so many cultures. After all, there are countless of stunning flowers out there. Either way, here is a collection of designs; bold, elegant, simple or complex. We bring all the mehndi rose designs to your attention.

#1: Ascending roses mehndi arrangement

This rose design is quite striking. Made up of 3 whirling rose shapes on the upper hand, and grounded by a lace motif, the menhdi rose pattern is eye catching. Moreover, the symmetrically drawn stems of leaves on the fingers create an attractive balance and allow a nice amount of breathing space on the knuckle area.


#2: Beautiful roses mehndi arrangement for hand

The blossoming pair of roses is quite tattoo like in style. There is something quite 1990s about it. Don’t you think? A bit Guns and Roses. The swirls and fauna surrounding the petals are also brimming with character.


#3: Bracelet of roses mehndi design

If abstract is your cup of tea, then the final row of swirling roses on this mehndi design is just for you. Made up of a series of mehndi bracelets, the design is sealed off with a bow at the top which is more spaced out, adding imaginary movement to the bracelets.


#4: Circle of roses henna pattern

This rose cluster is surrounded by beaded henna detail. The arm is on the hairy side which is quite surprising as the etching within the roses is a bit hair like but all in all, an interesting application of mehndi on what looks like the inner wrist.


#5: Curling rose vine mehndi arrangement

Absolutely love this elegant, swirling design that travels down in twists and turns up to the tip of the index finger. The flowers are quite abstract, but their circling petals bring a rose to mind.


#6: Cute and simple rose mehndi

Less is more in many cases. In this one though, I wonder if a little more wouldn’t have gone amiss.  Even though the rose stands out with its thicker petals, the 3 leaves seem to have been drawn on hastily and a bit like an afterthought. The little tail also seems a bit inconsistent.


#7: Cute roses in a row henna arrangement

This interesting floral design is quite a statement. The shapes are nice and wide, spreading out as far as they can justify across the upper hand and fingers. Particularly drawn to the 3 dots on the fingers which give the rose henna design an animated feel.


#8: Cute roses mixed into intricate henna motif

The floral detail in this design feels a lot more traditional as it is part of an intricate design. The shapes aren’t necessarily roses but within the main body of the drawing, but I do think the semi circle of 5 flowers is a series of cute, round rose motifs.


#9: Detailed rose mehndi motif

This mehndi drawing brings to mind a botanist’s sketchbook. It is quite an intricate design and the little tails on either side give it an eccentric character. The word rose included at the base of the design is perhaps a little unnecessary but then again, it’s fun.


#10: Double rose motif for left hand

Two roses hug a circular shape in this mehndi design that stretches along the finger. Drawn on a slight profile, the petals feel almost 3D like.


#11: Easy to follow mehndi rose sketch

This mehndi rose outline is relatively easy to follow should you wish to decorate yourself or your friends with this pretty flower. The petals become more and more narrow, curling into a swirl at the centre in a rose like fashion that looks quite realistic. Perhaps not as eloquent as the real thing, but an interesting take on it.


#12: Heavy rose design for back of hand

This rich, dense henna design makes a rose shape its focal point at the top of the hand. Even though the 2 motif styles clash in style (one being much simpler than the other), the mehndi rose effect is striking, vivid and unusual.


#13: Henna rose arrangement for thigh

The overall effect is intricate and mesmerising. The roses are quite lotus like in shape, while the circular shapes that become their backdrop and the necklace like swirls surrounding these, give the entire thing dancing effect. Btw, I am sure you could squeeze in a few more floral twists with a normal sized thigh. This is on the petite end.


#14: Henna rose design on left palm

Interestingly, the rose shape henna in this case occupies both the palm and the upper hand. The palm is drawn intricately extends up to the finger tips, while the design on the right is a bit more clearly defined. The rose shape is definitely more evident in the palm version.


#15: Hidden rose in diagonal henna art

This eye catching, feathery design travels on a diagonal across the wrist and up to the little finger.It embraces the hand and finger in a glove like manner. It has been beautifully applied, with tremendous skill and cleverly brings out the rose as the hero at the centre of the design.


#16: Intricate mehndi rose design

This may not be my favourite, but it may be someone’s, and so I will include it. There is something rather serpent like about the way the line flows down the wrist, forming a semi circle. The two rose like floral motifs stand out nicely and may be even more attractive if left without any internal detail (in my humble opinion).


#17: Large rose henna pattern for arm


#18: line of roses pattern from finger to arm


#19: Mehndi hidden rose design


#20: Multiple roses mehndi design

Scattered flower blossoms decorate this rose mehndi interpretation for the hand. The effect is quite striking and confident. The circular mehndi rose petal shapes on the fingers feel a bit like abstract rings which is fun.


#21: Rose combined with arabic henna motif

The rose in this arabic mehndi design is a bit more hidden in the motif and less blatant. It is found at the base of the design and is cupped by two deliciously full leaves.


#22: Rose mehndi pattern for fingers hand and wrist

This henna design incorporates a rose as part of its central theme. It is delicate and intricate in style, although perhaps a bit too spaced out in certain spaces. The rose style flowers on the fingers are also quite funky, especially in combination with he bright blue nail varnish.


#23: Rose on each hand mehndi design

Dark and mysterious roses adorn this design. The rich, detailed henna applied on the fingers add to the dramatic effect.


#24: Rose stamp henna design for palm

This rose henna makes me happy. It is quite tribal in style and pretty abstract, but there is something quite endearing about how the shapes aren’t particularly uniform; they resemble water with ripples and are rather fun methinks.


#25: Rose stencil style mehndi decoration

Quite a bold, abstract interpretation of the rose. It’s basic and has a stencil effect which makes it easy to apply I presume. the thick colour will also make it long lasting.


#26: Rose within a circle of roses henna decoration

Gorgeous symmetry with this rose mehndi drawing. 3 Circles, made up of different motifs hug the rose design. The beaded garland on the exterior is the winner.


#27: Roses in a line stencil for henna

Adorable, happy face and cute floral henna in this trio rose cluster. Like the way the leaves sprout out of some of them, but not all. This adds texture and life to the design.


#28: Roses in a row henna pattern

Ooooh, this one is quite nice. Love the way the 4 rose shapes dance down the arm, wrist and finger like a river in motion. The detailing is attractive too and may require a touch of artistic flair on application.


#29: Simple large rose for back hand

This plain design is simple, but still attractive. It is drawn without much rich density but this allows the rose shape to stand out and be visible from afar. The minimalistic approach is echoed across the finger design.


#30: Simple rose henna pattern for left palm

In this image, we can see a left palm rose mehndi design made up of a single blossoming bud. The circling swirls give the shape its rose like identity and the bold application with thick lines means that the henna will be nice and strong.


#31: Single simple rose design for henna

Love this fun design with a rose like flower at its centre. It’s both regal and alternative, almost hippy like at the same time. Perhaps the crown of feathers ‘blowing in the wind’ at the top of the petal shapes give it this sense of appealing freedom. This is echoed quite nicely in revers on the index finger pattern.


#32: Small roses on a branch mehndi art

Mmmm I could do without the dots in this mehndi design. They remind me of some sort of allergic reaction. Other than that, the branch like design is attractive, fun and should be relatively easy to follow. The roses in this case are mini round swirls surrounded by foliage.


#33: String of roses from wrist to fingers

A nice example of a detailed yet not overbearing design. Two swirling lines meet up, split and meet again in this interesting floral take on mehndi. The dotted line is effective as it juxtaposes the more intricate design in the blossoming flowers.


#34: Swirling roses across hands and fingers

Now this is rather beautiful. The henna itself is also tremendously glossy, almost chocolate like yum! What’s special (and potentially challenging) with this one is the symmetry between these identical, mirroring rose designs. They’ve been applied skilfully and would look fab at any celebration.


#35: Tattoo style large rose mehndi

A little like a design we saw above, the rose petals could do without the etching inside as this feels too close to representing hair. I do like the stripy leaves however in the background which give volume to the flower.


#36: Three roses mehndi pattern for palm

This palm mehndi shows off 3 roses beautifully. The design is vibrant and the roses are well defined with their darker colour. Like the foliage surrounding the flowers too as this demonstrates a nice variety of shapes and sizes.


#37: Three roses side by side henna design

There is a thread like quality to the pattern and a touch of glitter too which gives it a party feel.Perhaps this isn’t as much of a winner compared to some of the other designs in our collection above, but it’s always worth including as it’s something different.


#38: Triple rose flower mehndi

Quite like this mural like cluster of flowers. The drawing is seen post application, once the henna has been washed off, giving it its earthy brown effect.


#39: Triple roses mehndi motif combined with gold ring

This is an interesting marriage of real jewellery with temporary mehndi design. The ring has been carefully selected to complement the motif. All in all, it’s an effective drawing that brings nature to mind the way it sprawls and grows outwards. The pearls in the ring feel like flowers and work in harmony with the roses on the hand.


#40: Twin roses design for back hand

The rose design in red is an interesting choice, although I would lose the red on the fingers as ththis looks more like an accident. The beaded detail is clever as it resembles heart shapes in my eyes at least.


#41: Twin roses on foot mehndi design

These well defined roses adorn the lower leg and ankle in this minimal rose design. The lack of overpowering detail here, makes the design feel light and more like a drawing on a sketchbook than an traditional rich mehndi design. But this doesn’t take away from its beauty.


#42: Two roses from wrist to finger

Interesting to bring a little colour into the mix. The deep red suits the rose theme. The design itself is relatively simple but it would still require a steady hand for application. Quite like how the design finishes off with a stem of 3 feathery swirls on the index finger.



Hope you enjoyed these rose mehndi designs. Don’t forget to check out all our other motifs for your big day.