When you think mehndi you probably think peacock. Peacock mehndi designs are beautiful and have very powerful symbolism. The peacock, the national bird of India, also often makes it appearance in Hindu mythology and the peacock feather is considered a sign of prosperity and good luck. Indra, Lakshmi and Krishna are often associated with the […]

Bold & Beautiful: We’ve all had a friend or family member who at some point had to undergo therapy and in the process, lost their precious hair. Henna crowns are one way of feeling feminine again. These inspiring ladies prove that you can be stunning when recovering from treatment. A huge thanks to all these […]

Healing Henna – How it keeps you Healthy: Henna is a plant that works miracles. In its leaf or powder form, it can help a number of ailments. Here are the top 10 things that the plant helps cure (please consult your doctor before attempting any of them to avoid allergic reactions): 1. Baldness: Henna […]

Mehndi YoYo brings together a number of exciting patterns for your inspiration. If you’re browsing for a leg mehndi design specifically and don’t have much time up your sleeve, take a peak at the top 10 selection. Suitable for any event, these unusual, fab designs each stand out in their own way. Enjoy! 1. Intricate […]

There’s nothing quite like dressing up for your wedding ceremony. Months of preparation and hours of dissecting all the details with your friends culminate in one (hopefully) magical day. The dulhan mehndi ceremony before this is the calm before the storm. It gives you the chance to unwind with your friends and spend some quality girly […]

Less is sometimes more when it comes to design. In this post, I’ve brought together ten simple yet interesting mehndi creations that will take you anywhere. As you go down the page, you’ll find some ideas for feet and weddings. The images range from very simple to slightly more detailed. Happy browsing! Simple Sun: Now […]

There’s something so appealing about decorating the fingers and leaving the rest of the hand partly or entirely blank. Perhaps it’s the playfulness of the twinkly fingers that you can flash about. Or maybe it’s the confidence of just decorating those (instead of opting for a more traditional design). Whatever the case, here are some ideas on mehndi designs […]