14 Awesome Egyptian Mehndi Designs for an Ethnic Look

We’ve brought together our top picks of Egyptian mehndi. Geometrical and intriguing, full of divine characters, Egyptian mehndi is a feast for the eyes.


#1: Ancient Egyptian mehndi pattern

In this first image, we can see a basic Egyptian design that travels across the inner arm. The design is quite an unusual shape and I’m unsure of any connotations but it is definitely interesting and a move away from more traditional patterns we’ve shared to date on Mehndi Yoyo.


#2: Egyptian cat depiction

This illustration of a cat stands out instantly as Egyptian. The geometrical decoration that surrounds the cat’s body, up to its ears makes for an interesting, confident motif. I particularly like the Cleopatra-style eyes on the cat.


#3: Egyptian eye of Horus mehndi design

This Egyptian culture-inspired design depicts the eye of Horus, an ancient symbol of protection, power and health. By placing the eye at the centre of the upper hand, I can only imagine this serves as a confident reminder that this person must be blessed.


#4: Egyptian god depiction with mehndi

The Egyptian God on this mehndi interpretation is majestic, powerful and very detailed.  His wings spread far and wide across the arm and his sideward glance gives him a sense of authority and a feeling of movement, as if he is in conversation.



#5: Egyptian god henna design

This collection of images displays two designs, 2 shots of one and a close up of a second. It is named the henna goddess and perhaps has no connection with Egypt as the eagle depicted seems to be wearing a Malteze-style cross, but I’ve included it here all the same.



#6: Egyptian mehndi design for fingers and wrist

This Egyptian style mehndi combines a bracelet design with patterns on the finger, all linked by a line through the middle. The central line acts as a balancing pole between the two and is surrounded by a series of beads on either side. This is pretty easy to achieve yet quite effective.


#7: Egyptian mehndi design with triangle and Horus eye

This image of Egyptian henna personally slightly spooks me out . There is something about eye in the triangle and how this sits within the circle that gives it a mystical feel.


#8: Eye of Horus henna pattern

This eye of Horus is confident and simple to achieve. It can be added anywhere on the body and is a strong representation of the health, protection system also seen in one of the other designs above (although this particular one is a lot more paired down).


#9: Geometrical Egyptian mehndi design

This geometrical pattern is quite fascinating. The cross shape is made out of two thick strips of detailed patterns, but not overwhelmingly so. The diamond shape in the centre is attractive and stamped by another unique shape.


#10: Horus Egyptian depiction

This depiction of the god Horus  features the eye on the index finger. The bird takes centre stage and adopts a Horus-style eye itself.


#11: Mehndi design inspired from ancient Egypt

This design is geometrical in style and feels a bit like it belongs to this Egyptian family of images as it is a little hieroglyphic. It is also bursting with symbolism I am sure and can be worn at any event I presume.


#12: Simple bands Egyptian geometrical henna

I quite like the simplicity of the following pattern. The bold black lines, thick and thin, give the impression of jewellery. They have been drawn symmetrically and will be effective from afar, even more than close-up potentially.


#13: Simple Egyptian henna arrangement

This elegant and simple pattern is full of character. Its curling detail is attractive and friendly. The little twirl details on the finger also bring it to life further.


#14: Simple geometric Egyptian henna pattern

This very symmetrical design travels down the fingers in a fun manner. Two of the fingers’ designs mirror each other while the little finger and the central one differ slightly adding a focus for the eye.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this compilation of Egyptian designs – don’t forget to check out all the other categories on Mehndi Yoyo.