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Many of you will already be familiar with Baju Band jewelry. This is worn on the upper arm just above the elbow. Its carefully curated position on the body is both feminine and powerful, full of feels authority. You can re-create the beauty of jewelry with carefully crafted mehndi designs that offer the same ‘wow’ effect to their viewers. #1: Lower […]

If you’re after a design for your palm, look no further. This collection of mehdni imagery will offer you some food for thought for your upcoming celebration. Bringing together a mixture of patterns, it satisfies a variety of tastes. #1: Arabic front hand mehndi designs This front hand mehndi has a black and white pattern […]

We’ve brought together our top picks of Egyptian mehndi. Geometrical and intriguing, full of divine characters, Egyptian mehndi is a feast for the eyes.   #1: Ancient Egyptian mehndi pattern In this first image, we can see a basic Egyptian design that travels across the inner arm. The design is quite an unusual shape and […]

Everyone likes to take part in celebrations and above all, children! In fact, show me a child who doesn’t like a party and I’ll eat my hat. But getting any kid to sit still for more than 5 mins is a challenge, to say the least… Mehndi Yoyo brings together all those easy mehndi designs […]

Rajasthani designs, also known as ‘Marwani’ or ‘Marwari’ mehndi are beautifully intricate and reflect the culture of Rajasthan, India’s largest North-Western state. Filled with ancient ruins, temples and palaces, it is no wonder that this magical part of the world provides inspiration for some of the most attractive mehndi designs. 17 Rajasthani henna patterns for […]

Who doesn’t like a bit of bling? Especially if it is made of mehndi? Using the shape of jewellery as the design theme is a clever way of showing something elegant whilst being clever with the pattern’s inspiration. #1: Beautiful henna mehndi jewelry This design feels a little arabic but I may be mistaken. The vivid black […]

Bracelet mehndi is, well – you guessed it; a pattern in the form of a bracelet. The ample design space around the wrist allows for intricate designs that can be admired from afar. There isn’t any connotation that I know of around bangle mehndi but it does fit well with both the traditional and the more […]

Bold & Beautiful: We’ve all had a friend or family member who at some point had to undergo therapy and in the process, lost their precious hair. Henna crowns are one way of feeling feminine again. These inspiring ladies prove that you can be stunning when recovering from treatment. A huge thanks to all these […]

Healing Henna – How it keeps you Healthy: Henna is a plant that works miracles. In its leaf or powder form, it can help a number of ailments. Here are the top 10 things that the plant helps cure (please consult your doctor before attempting any of them to avoid allergic reactions): 1. Baldness: Henna […]

Mehndi YoYo brings together a number of exciting patterns for your inspiration. If you’re browsing for a leg mehndi design specifically and don’t have much time up your sleeve, take a peak at the top 10 selection. Suitable for any event, these unusual, fab designs each stand out in their own way. Enjoy! 1. Intricate […]