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Mehndi Yoyo brings together dulhan mehndi designs of different styles – from simple mehndi patterns, to more fancy mehndi designs for weddings. The idea is to show you the latest bridal patterns for when the big day comes.

As for the mehndi event itself, assuming you’re the bride-to-be, you can either hold it at your own home or hire a magical space. If you’d rather not deal with any stressful mess caused by the party, then a banquet venue is for you (particularly if the wedding itself is to be anywhere near your home).

Timing-wise, it’s totally up to you. You can either hold the traditional mehndi celebration on the evening before your marriage, or you can spread it out a little and give yourself a few days. Remember you want your elegant mehndi designs to be prominent on your skin and not faded, so you can’t hold your event too early.

Even though this event is all about ‘beautifying’ the ladies,the groom is also invited to attend.
Don’t forget to ask your henna painter to hide your and your husband-to-be’s initials in the design.

The atmosphere will be fun and colourful so enjoy every minute. And invite ALL your friends because this is a once in a lifetime chance to have so much fun.

I hope gives you some food for thought for your celebration. Good luck!

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