27 Best Bracelet Mehndi Design Ideas to Get Inspired

Bracelet mehndi is, well – you guessed it; a pattern in the form of a bracelet. The ample design space around the wrist allows for intricate designs that can be admired from afar. There isn’t any connotation that I know of around bangle mehndi but it does fit well with both the traditional and the more contemporary approach. Here is a list of designs I came across that vary in style, from simple to complex and from children’s to white mehndi.

27 Bracelet and bangle mehndi designs for beautiful wrists

#1: Wrist mehndi design

Gorgeous use of pattern here. Especially around the wrist. The detail on the fingers is a step too far (as their is enough visual interest already with the main design). This mehndi drawing has been applied so skilfully, it really does feel like a work of art.

Wrist mehndi design


#2: Bangle and thick bracelet mehndi motif

Far more simple than the 1st design, this bangle and thick bracelet mehndi design is quite geometrical in its approach. The flame-like drawings on the centre of the upper hand stem from a blossoming flower and travel upwards towards the fingers, in what resembles the top of a beautiful palace. I find this a little bit on the surreal side for my taste, but I do admire the precision in the thicker bracelet mehndi design.

Bangle and thick bracelet mehndi motif

#3: Bracelet mehndi and henna jewelry design for finger and hand

This bracelet mehndi motif is attractive in its simplicity. It gives the impression that the hand and fingers are adorned with actual jewellery. The focus on the middle finger is echoed in the central motif as well with its arrow shaped pattern, while the bangle strip at the top grounds the entire design, giving it a base to spring from.

Bangle mehndi and henna jewelry design for finger and hand

#4: Bracelet style mehndi with circle

This close-up of a bangle type mehndi design catches the eye. The pattern is split into 3 rows. The 2 outer strips are the same, while the central strip is a bit more bare, showing off a blossoming flower shape. This roundel is cocooned by 2 identical motifs, adding to the overall symmetry.

Bangle style mehndi with circle

#5: Beautiful idea for henna bracelet and fingers

This wristlet mehndi drawing seems to take inspiration from nature in the form of a slender leafy branch and blossoming flowers. It circles the hand in a wave-like manner and is embraced on either side by fun, floral and paisley designs on the top part and a similar paisley shape on the bottom, upper hand. Even the fingers are carefully thought out with a dusting of mehndi.

Beautiful idea for henna bracelet and fingers

#6: Beautiful paisley pattern henna bracelet

What a stunning interpretation of a mehndi bangle effect. Paisley shapes dance around majestically in this intricate henna application. The lace effect and consistency in the very thin lines within this must have been tricky to achieve. It is unclear whether the design continues but if it does, I hope it doesn’t go on for too long because in some cases, less is truly more.

Beautiful paisley pattern henna bracelet

#7: Bracelet and back hand flower mehndi design

This back of hand bracelet mehndi design brings a peacock to mind with its feathery motif, particularly towards the main upper hand area and towards the fingers. It feels quite traditional, yet is fun and full of character at the same time. The way the design opens up a bit like a peacock’s tail also adds to the overall satisfaction.

Bracelet and back hand flower mehndi design

#8: Bracelet and jewelry mehndi design

There is something so confident and attractive in the simple nature of this mehndi application. The black, coloured in diamond shape at the centre point of this design evokes emotions of power. It may not be a feast for the eyes in terms of detail, but the precise lines surrounding the diamond and the lace effect on the wrist demonstrate skilful application.

Bracelet and jewelry mehndi design

#9: Bracelet and ring motifs made with mehndi

This bracelet and finger mehndi feels a bit like a layer of lace. It decorates the upper hand and drips down the middle finger with bead-like detailed. The paisley drawing at the top is interesting, although it’s half shape feels a bit on the incomplete side.

Bracelet and ring motifs made with mehndi

#10: Cute mehndi bangle designs

No one has 3 hands but if you had to choose 2, I would go for the 2 left bracelet designs. The one on the right seems less refined and a touch rushed. Perhaps they aren’t the most detailed of designs but equally, simplicity is still attractive.I can imagine these on girls in their teens. Participating in the event but without too much pressure in preparation.

Cute mehndi bangle designs

#11: Detailed mehndi bangle design

This mehndi drawing is attractive and unique in style. There 2 bracelets are quite angular in shape. The petal shapes that spring out of the top bangle are effective. So are the motifs of the fingers. I like the way these go right down and frame the nails.

Detailed mehndi bangle design

#12: Ethnic looking thick bracelet mehndi motif

The lattice shapes are enchanting in this mehndi image. They have been applied skilfully, that’s for sure. However, the lower square shape seems a bit wonky. The floral shape also feels a bit and out of place in the centre. The overall effect however and the vivid dark colour work well.

Ethnic looking thick bracelet mehndi motif

#13: Flowery bracelet mehndi design

This unusual mehndi bracelet is made up of a series of curling floral shapes. It’s thick enough to look like a real bracelet and intriguing exactly because it’s not. It would need to be applied by an experienced mehndi artist so that the shapes don’t merge into each other. But if it’s done well, it will look charming.

Flowery bracelet mehndi design

#14: Intricate mehndi band for arm

Ignore the quality of the photo and instead focus on the detail on this upper arm mehndi design. It looks like a before and after snap of mehndi that has just been applied, vs one that has dried off. The bracelet hugs the upper arm with this bold statement and little hanging jewel-like detail at the bottom. It is quite wide so it doesn’t feel as refined as some of the other designs but its concentrated application is still impressive.

Intricate mehndi band for arm

#15: Leafs and twine mehndi bracelet

This mehndi leaf design is effective and stands out from the crowd. The drawing is based on a small bunch of hanging branches with leaves. The beaded detail at the centre travels down the upper and lower wrist elegantly and adds a touch of playfulness. As do the 6 single dots scattered around.

Leafs and twine mehndi bracelet



#16: Mehndi bracelet and ring designs

This is quite a flame-like mehndi design. The fire-like drops become the finishing touches on most of its patterns, from the central candle-like flame on the upper hand, to the base of the fingers. The blank space purposefully left around the string of leaves at the centre of the upper wrist is also effective. Particularly as this is surrounded by gorgeous swirling shapes to the right and left.

Mehndi bracelet and ring designs

#17: Modern bangle type mehndi design

This contemporary mehndi design caught my attention because it is intricate and simple at the same time. The focus on a single line gives it a certain authority and a regal air when you imagine the hand dancing around during a conversation at a celebration. The bracelet effect gives the design an effective foundation.

Modern bangle type mehndi design

#18: Ring and bangle mehndi design

Made up of much thinner, less precise lines, this is a quick mehndi fix, a ‘hang on – I have 3 minutes before my car arrives for the party – creation. Not so sure about combining it with a real bangle but you may disagree.

Ring and bangle mehndi design

#19: Simple bracelet style mehndi

Just adore this mehndi bracelet design! It feels well planned, while keeping visual interest with a variety of patterns. The semi circle shape at the top, which houses a half flower is also attractive and feels like a sun rising. Also like the lace effect around the wrist.

Simple bangle style mehndi

#20: Simple mehndi bracelet and jewelry design connecting wrist with finger

Just adore this mehndi bracelet-style design which manages to be both detailed and simple simultaneously. The larger floral detail works well as an echo to the lower flower, while the beaded line that connects the two (and also creates the bracelet shape further up) brings the whole design together. Also quite fond of the mini flames on each finger tip.

Simple mehndi bracelet and jewelry design connecting wrist with finger

#21: Sun pattern henna bangle design

This henna design is a bit hippy. Perhaps it’s the poppy that gives it this feel, or is it the sun? Either way, it feels like it is full of mysticism and spiritualism and would be a point of conversation.

Sun pattern henna bangle design

#22: Thick arm bracelet design

This arm bracelet mehndi design feels a bit like you’ve stepped into a royal temple. The maharani may even be peeping out of the lace lattice if you look carefully enough. I particularly like how the design peaks towards the top creating  temple-like effect.

Thick arm bracelet design

#23: Thin mehndi bangles design

I can’t say this is my favourite but it’s good to include it for reference. It feels like it could belong to a teenager who doesn’t really feel like spending too much time applying mehndi. It’s been applied a bit clumsily and the areas that have been filled in almost seem like an afterthought in the chain-like pattern at the top.

Thin mehndi bangles design

#24: Twisty bangle mehndi design

This bangle mehndi design is made up of two bracelet shapes and one design that goes down the index finger. It feels confident and full of personality with its bold swirls. I would argue that it could be a touch more refined, especially the central strip. But overall an interesting mehndi application.

Twisty bangle mehndi design

#25: Unique bracelet mehndi design

This design isn’t a winner in my opinion. It’s a but too symbol-like and I personally find it a little bit unsettling. The mehndi details are made up of a variety od shapes and spiral upwards with an award line. Having said that, the little beaded necklaces work nicely in the 2nd line.

Unique bracelet mehndi design

#26: White bracelet mehndi with mango motif

What a fun, fruity interpretation of bracelet-style mehndi design. The paisley shape at the top seems to be a fruit; whether it’s a mango, a pineapple, or just a pattern, I am not sure. However, I do like the fun dots and the slight slant which give this white henna design movement and character. The arrow shape base feels almost like icing sugar.

White bracelet mehndi with mango motif

#27: African Mehndi bracelet pattern

In this bangle mehndi design, an African motif takes centre stage. The diamond shape at the top and base of the detailed strip creates a mirror effect, as if you’re looking at the design’s reflection in water. Suitable for the forearm and lower palm, the design has a regal feel to it and would suit an occasion where the person needs to be in the spotlight.

African Mehndi bracelet pattern


So those are the latest and hippest Mehndi bracelet designs out there at the moment. But stay tuned for more and we frequently update our posts on Mehndi Yoyo.