About Mehndi Yoyo

Welcome to mehndiyoyo.com

My name is Deepti Reddy and I love anything to do with mehndi! In fact, I’m such a fan of mehandi designs that I search for them in my spare time to see what’s out there (not just for I need to attend a wedding or ceremonies).

About mehndiyoyo.com:

This site is a celebration of beautiful mehndi designs that I’ve come across on Pinterest and elsewhere online. There’s a lot out there, but hopefully this collection brings some interesting henna designs under one roof. You can search mehndi designs using the tags (see right hand column on the main page) and remember to check regularly as I add to these categories weekly.

The site will also be a place where you can print out mehandi prints to take straight to your henna designer on the day. I highly recommend practicing the design you like before your big day, no matter how simple it is. And remember, it stays on for a few weeks so don’t practice the week before, allow enough time for the original test to wear off!

Why mehndiyoyo.com exists:

Planning weddings can be a stressful experience but things like the mehndi ritual should be fun. I hope you enjoy browsing through the designs and that something catches your eye for your (or your friend’s / your family member’s) big day.

Browse & share:

You can either scroll mehandi designs, starting from the main page, or you can search by a theme on the right margin. If you like what you see, you can print it and/or share it with your friends.

mehndiyoyo.com is (and always will be) free!

This site is a community one and will always be free, after all the designs certainly don’t belong to me. I thank everyone whose posts I have shared. I’ve always included a link to the original source of your post and hope that mehndiyoyo allows a lot more people to enjoy your designs.