18 Best Bajuband Mehndi Designs to Decorate Your Arms With

Many of you will already be familiar with Baju Band jewelry. This is worn on the upper arm just above the elbow. Its carefully curated position on the body is both feminine and powerful, full of feels authority. You can re-create the beauty of jewelry with carefully crafted mehndi designs that offer the same ‘wow’ effect to their viewers.

#1: Lower wrist bajuband henna patterns

This first image is actually a gorgeous wrist decoration with an intricate appearance. The symmetry achieved is quite extraordinary in the mirroring patterns, particularly as they are quite complex.


#2: Simple baju mehndi design

The below is a more typical baju mehndi interpretation. A linear motif forms the basis of the pattern. At its centre however, the drawing expands upwards and downwards in a tower-like fashion. The top is made up of jewel-like features, while the bottom is a lot simpler and crisper.


#3: Paisley bajuband mehndi design

This paisley design is young, fun and bold. Forming a sort of cluster, the shapes interrupt and overlap each other adding a sense of motion and personality. It also feel quite contemporary in style.


#4: Ornamental mehndi baju band

This relatively simple mehdni pattern is made up of a series of little droplets and hanging garlands that can be seen on other patterns too. The feathery like motif that completes the top of the design also seems to be a regular feature in arm mehndi. It feels less refined that the others but perhaps it’s the photo.


#5: Jewelry inspired arm band mehndi pattern

The following mehndi drawing is very slight and discrete. I personally feel it could be a little bit more self-assured as the lines are almost too slender giving it s fragile quality. Great to have it as part of our collection nonetheless.


#6: Intricate swirls bajuband mehndi design

Not so keen one the following image but the design itself isn’t too bad. It would have required a lot of patience to apply.


#7: Hanging chainlets bajuband mehndi design

The hanging dotted shapes in this henna drawing trip down quite narrowly adding a sense of length to the creation. Meanwhile, the bracelet-style feature at the top gives the design a confident foundation to stem from.


#8: Geometric bajuband mehndi arrangement

The following interpretation of a Baju band is pleasingly symmetrical and forms a perfect diamond shape. The two ends of this carry on their journey in the form of a strip that I assume surrounds the upper arm.  The delicate shapes within the diamond are effective as they intertwine without feeling too crowded.


#9: Flower mandala bajuband mehndi design

This floral cluster shows that baju bands don’t have to be a certain shape, provided they engulf the area. The blossoming design feels feminine and romantic while the beaded detail below it works well as a juxtaposition.


#10: Flower and leaves bajuband mehndi design

Eccentric and sleek mehndi application that takes inspiration from the natural world with its downward facing leaf shapes. The black lines are glossy and almost sparkly. They frame each shape with precision and finesse.


#11: Flower and creepers bajuband henna art

The following design has a bit of an alternative, hippy feel about it. It is made up of two mirroring flower shapes, one seems colored in and the other blank.  They are both signed off with a small cluster of feathery shapes that are echoed in different forms across the drawing both horizontally and vertically.


#12: Easy baju mehndi design

This is perhaps one of the simpler baju mehndi drawings in this collection and one that could be imitated a bit more easily should you feel inclined. The two shapes mirror each other using a horizontal shape at their centre, however the top paisley shape takes up the dominant role with its wider, pregnant shape.


#13: Double mehndi bajuband for arm

Really love this floral and paisley baju band that decorates the entire upper arm from shoulder to elbow. The design is relatively spaced out and doesn’t feel too traditional or dense. This gives it a fresh contemporary feel.


#14: Diagonal arm mehndi design with moon

The image below depicts a powerful diagonal design with a half moon crescent adorning its peak. The placement on the upper arm feels confident and consequently attractive.


#15: Chandelier bajuband henna depiction

This chandelier-style bajuband uses the same glittery, glossy-style mehndi as one of the earlier designs. It brings together a nicely balanced compilation of varying shapes in the same space, from wave-like twirls to dotted flowers and elegant droplets.


#16: Bajuband with heart shape henna

The below Bajuband is quite thick-lined in its approach and perhaps not the most elegant, but it is definitely a statement. Its placement on the upper arm gives it that warrior-like dynamism.


#17: Arm band mehndi inspired tat

This tattoo has been inspired by arm mehndi and feels punchy, confident and modern.  The toned arms and position of the pattern give it authority. There is however a lace quality to it which gives it a certain softness.


#18: Arabic bajuband henna pattern

This stunning young lady shows off her upper arm decoration with pride.  It has been created by a thick strip of mirroring half-circle shapes. The lower end of the design depicts a series of garland-like shapes that dance downwards theatrically, while the upper is made of a pretty, simple motif.