17 Best Rajasthani Mehndi Designs for Hands

Rajasthani designs, also known as ‘Marwani’ or ‘Marwari’ mehndi are beautifully intricate and reflect the culture of Rajasthan, India’s largest North-Western state.

Filled with ancient ruins, temples and palaces, it is no wonder that this magical part of the world provides inspiration for some of the most attractive mehndi designs.

17 Rajasthani henna patterns for hands you will love

#1: Bride and groom depictions Rajasthani mehndi

These splendid side portraits of a dulhan and groom face each other in a magnetic way. The inside part of the palm is left blank, giving the young couple a chance to come together occasionally. The intricate, traditional patterns that surround them add drama and texture to this formidable bridal Rajasthani mehndi design.


#2: Bride and groom in heart Rajasthani mehndi

Another exquisite example of craftsmanship, this time depicting he happy couple in the reassuring context of a heart shape. Once again, the detail surrounding the tasteful portraits is spectacular, reflecting the design’s special occasion.


#3: Cute Rajasthani mehndi with bride and groom facing each other

By concentrating the design in the palms alone (at least that is what we can see), and by allowing these to touch, this couple feels closer than ever. They are almost kissing. The swirling detail around the  drawing frames the Rajasthani wedding couple in an appealing way.


#4: Flower pattern henna from Rajasthan

It’s great to see this mehndi design from Rajasthan in its different phases of life. Vibrant and dark, the design initially has a wine red feel which brings the flower at the centre of the palm to life. The more faded version on the left feels more like a delicate mural that doesn’t pass unnoticed.


#5: Full hand Rajasthani henna pattern

What’s spectacular about Rajasthani designs is their ability to fit so much detail into one arm for one occasion. The sheer amount of skill required to fit the delicate detail while retaining symmetry and overall balance is remarkable. Particularly like the zig zag motion on the inner wrist that goes up to the elbow. The palm seems to have the initials ‘A’ and N’ but I may be mistaken as these wouldn’t use the English alphabet.


#6: Intricate paisley mehndi pattern from Rajasthan

Adore the paisley feature in this Rajasthani hand and inner arm design. It crowns an otherwise horizontal, parallel design like a feather or a jewel. The fingers echo the paisley shape, even if this is seen in miniature or in part.


#7: Intricate Rajasthani mehndi

The henna applied on both palm and inner wrist is impressive. The slightly bolder right hand (left as you view it) is more impressive, possibly because the boldness of the dotted feather-like features and the space between them.


#8: Man and woman profiles on Rajasthani mehndi

The male and female side-on portraits of this Rajasthani couple are eloquent. The zoom in on their faces allows us to admire some of the skill used to create them, particularly the female hairstyle which is opulent and abundant. The eyebrows on each of the faces inject some individuality and character.


#9: Mehndi design for hands Rajasthani

Another spectacular example of intricacy at its most impressive. The couple in this instance are a touch more serious. The bride’s slightly reclined position gives her a sense of authority and power, as if to say – I am hard to get my dear.


#10: Rajasthani arabic henna arrangement

Really like the combination of different patterns and textures in this arabic-style mehndi. Lace, lines, swirls and beads are all mixed in to create a happy chaos on the woman’s palm. The lines that link the design to the fingertips add a ‘je ne sais quoi’ elegance to the design.


#11: Rajasthani bridal mehndi designs for full hands

The darker / black colour used in this instance gives the rajasthani mehndi a more severe look and feel. The unfinished sleeve on the bride’s right arm and blank strip also give it a sense of imbalance. Nonetheless, one can’t doubt the effort and patience required to achieve the design.


#12: Rajasthani man facing woman mehndi art

A close-up of the design above, this more traditional looking couple look at each other in deep assessment. The thick eyebrows and pierced lips on both portraits add a sense of formality to the occasion.


#13: Rajasthani man with mustache mehndi

What a wonderful gentleman this is. We may not see the depiction of his fellow lady on the opposite hand, but he is still a winner as a suitor. His bold neckline and formidable moustache and beard, as well as his fabulous hair and decor add to his grandeur.


#14: Rajasthani mehndi for hand

Now you’re talking detailed. Enviously symmetrical and topped off with a red ribbon, as if to say, yeap this is extraordinary, this confident design is extremely detailed and mostly a fab mirror. What an achievement.


#15: Rajasthani mehndi from elbow to fingertips

This image is on the pixilated side, but we can still admire the detail that has gone into the rajasthani design. The arms are long and slender and there’s a lot to fit, but the mehndi artist has kept a feeling f balance across both arms. The dun and floral detail add a flame effect at the top of the design.


#16: Rajasthani mehndi with man in the middle

This sir is waiting for his loved one with an expression of patience and respect. Particularly like the lattice effect lace which juxtaposes the male portrait nicely with it feminine touch.


#17: Swirling rajasthani mehndi design

This final design brings together a fabulous mixture of shapes and sizes. Each palm is adorned differently but the level of intricacy is the same. a great grand finale for our collection of awesome rajasthani wedding mehndi.


Truly hope you found this compilation of ‘Marwani’ and other designs inspiring and hope they gave you some food for thought for your event. Thanks above to the talented artists behind them!