11 Beautiful Henna Mehndi Jewelry Patterns for Indian Women

Who doesn’t like a bit of bling? Especially if it is made of mehndi? Using the shape of jewellery as the design theme is a clever way of showing something elegant whilst being clever with the pattern’s inspiration.

#1: Beautiful henna mehndi jewelry

This design feels a little arabic but I may be mistaken. The vivid black colour brings the fuchsia colour of the nails to life. The overall look & feel is lacy. The necklace effect is effective, particularly as it is marked by the attractive flower circles.


#2: Bracelet and finger jewelry mehndi motif

My, this is absolutely stunning. The level of detail s impressive and the application of such a design would require incredible skills. The bracelet that embraces the wrist is echoed on the middle finger. This is topped with a lace, lattice effect. The pyramid like shape is also effective at connecting the two sections, with its slight, bead like quality.


#3: Bracelet and flowers mehndi jewelry design

The flowers in this mehndi jewellery design are quite angular. It gives it a slightly tough look. Perhaps the distance between the fingers gives it a bit of a wild feel.


#4: Chain and finger jewerly inspired mehndi

What a cool interpretation of a jewellery mehndi design. The way the beaded necklace links the finger and the edge of the palm diagonally is hugely effective. The motif on the left is contained by a dome shape. There are traces of older henna, this person is very busy!



#5: Chained flowers mehndi design

These beaded chains are fun. The series of flowers at the top of the design cap the necklace creating a vase and bouquet of flowers effect. The mehndi is simple yet eloquent and definitely resembles strings of jewellery,


#6: Floral jewels henna pattern

This is quite an unusual and rather well balanced design. The beaded detail brings a blossoming plant to life and the drops on the bracelet and floral shapes give it a jewel like quality.


#7: Flower jewelry mehndi design for left hand

Really drawn to this unusual mehndi design for the left hand. It would require some precision in applying but once achieved it would be the talking point of an evening. The stud detail on the left brings the jewellery theme to life.


#8: Flower jewelry mehndi pattern

Adding a touch of colour is a nice way of ‘pimping’ up your mehndi design. In this case, the bright pink detail brings precious gems to mind. The change in size in the row of flowers as these travel down the index finger is also interesting.


#9: Flower mehndi jewelry design

This floral mehndi glove effect is stunning. It is linked together successfully by 3 vertical beaded lines. Particularly like the feathery detail on the pattern’s perimeter, both across the hand and the rings.


#10: Hand chain jewelry pattern mehndi

Goodness, not sure about the electric blue nails here. But the row of minimalistic chains in different sizes is effective when compared to the more detailed design on the fingers. From afar, this resembles lace glove tips. Overall an interesting application of mehndi.


#11: Rings and chain mehndi pattern

These ring style designs are surrounded by other jewellery type patterns. The three rows of beads link each finger to the main index one. The manicure is fun and contemporary and adds a funky twist to this jewel inspired mehndi design.



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